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Ingrid Jenaro is the founder and leader of Ideal Party Stylist. With over five years of experience in Party planing, Ingrid has developed an eye for what works and what doesn't. Her attention to detail and not letting go of the little things are the difference that has brought success to the company in such a small amount of time. Ingrid's commitment and passion for Ideal Party Stylist gave her the strength to leave her job Two years ago and focus on living her biggest dream. Ingrid has focused on crafting her skills and putting all aspects of the business together. I am glad To announce that this Past February 2020, Ideal Party Stylist acquired an office conveniently located in Montclair, New Jersey. Ingrid's drive and determination have opened the door for Ideal Party Stylist to have the opportunity to work in prestigious venues, including The Venetian, Florentine Garden, The Fiestas and Montclair State University. Ingrid works very hard to earn the trust of her clients and is hands-on at all Ideal Party Stylist events.

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